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We are making a difference. One hair boom at a time.
Colorado Destination Weddings
Who Knew? 10 Surprising Facts About Wedding Traditions
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We are making a difference. One hair boom at a time.

We are making a difference. 
One hair boom at a time. 

As a member of Green Circle Salons, Full Circle Salon and Spa is beginning a comprehensive recycling / reuse program that will help us to significantly reduce our environmental impact on the planet. The program helps us to redirect out of water streams and landfills everything once considered as garbage: hair (in 2010 Green Circle Salons sent more than 1,000 pounds of hair to the Gulf of Mexico to help clean the BP oil spill), foils, color tubes, paper, plastics, and liquid chemical waste (most salons today simply rinse all leftover liquid chemicals into the sink and down the drain).

Colorado Destination Weddings

Colorado Destination Weddings

We will travel to your for services on your wedding day

Who Knew? 10 Surprising Facts About Wedding Traditions

The bouquet; the garter toss; that something blue pinned to your dress: Have you ever taken a second to consider the purpose of all of these deeply instilled wedding traditions? Probably not because you're busy planning a wedding. But since we're wedding fanatics that fall asleep dreaming of napkin rings and invite fonts, we took the liberty to dig around and find 10 fascinating facts about the wedding traditions we've all come to know.

1. Turns out it's your "ring finger" for a reason.

Full Circle Salon and Spa

Full Circle Salon and Spa Instagram

Jen did a color correction! Look how pretty it is!

Full Circle Salon and Spa

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Check out Our Instagram! Style by Devyne!

4 Ways to Show Your Hair You Love It

4 Ways to Show Your Hair You Actually Love It 

1. STOP wearing your hair in ponytails when it's wet. 
Wearing your hair in ponytails encourages your hair to break in the middle of the strand. Your hair will never grow out from this and you are going to have a crazy amount of frizz. If you HAVE to wear your hair out of your face but you don't have time to dry it, opt for braids. This lets all of the damage happen at the bottom which can easily be trimmed.  The Science:  We have all stretched a rubberband.

Get the Look! Twirly Swirly Romantic Curls


CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Condition +
LiftIt Color Protect Foam Mousse +
AllAround® Color Protect Working Hairspray +
HumidityRxTM Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray

Products Used

For runway-ready romantic curls, prep hair using CrazySmooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Condition. Before blow drying, rake LiftIt through towel-dried hair from roots to ends. Dry completely using a round brush to create volume. Using a comb, create a straight line from the hairline to the crown of the head.

Hello there, 2017. We are going to do you right

Happy New Year 2017 Full Circle Salon and spa Wheat Ridge Colorado hair salon, nail salon, skincare
     The holidays have calmed down and everything is back to normal. We've rejuvenated ourselves after the holidays craziness. This was a really busy season for us this year and we couldn't have done it without the love and support of our family, friends, and supporting guests!  Of course, I have to do a shout out to the talented team at Full Circle. Where would any of us be without them?  
Holiday Salon Hairdresser
This isn't one of our stylists, but we all know how she feels.